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Jul 29, 2020

Learn how to let go of labeling life’s events as simply good or bad.

Finding the good in “good days” is easy but finding it when things go wrong takes practice. Discover the mindset of “maybe” and how to embrace ALL that life is going to give us, because despite how it may seem, it could be what we need.

Jul 22, 2020

Aging is Life’s Most Valuable Trophy!

Sister Madonna “The Iron Nun” Buder has found the key to the connection of mind, body and spirit, which allows her keep going. Join us in Celebrating Sister Madonna Buder’s 90th Birthday by reflecting on highlights from our interview with her last year!

Jul 8, 2020

What keeps you going?

Have you ever been excited to accomplish something, but your motivation faded away quickly, and your goal was set aside? This week discover how to recognize and change your DRIVE to push you in the right direction and keep you going through any obstacle that comes your way!

Jul 1, 2020

This week I am honored to speak with Francis Cholle!

Francis is best-selling author, an international business consultant, and engaging speaker. He helps companies rethink business in ways that conventional strategic management cannot. Now he is bringing his expertise to the world through his new book: “SQUIRCLE: A...